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Grapefruit Oil

Grapefruit Oil helps decrease appetite and balance emotional extremes andcan be used as a natural air freshener with disinfecting properties.According to a 2005 Japanese study, the scent of grapefruit oil, andparticularly its primary component limonene, affects autonomic nerves,enhances lipolysis through a histaminergic response, and reduces appetiteand body weight.
Grapefruit Oil (citrus paradisi) has great benefits for the immune system,it helps with skin problems, and can be used for muscle stiffness, waterretention and for the nervous system.Grapefruit oil can be used in blended massage oil or diluted in the bath toassist with cellulite, colds and flu, lack of energy, jet lag, musclefatigue, overweight, headaches, moodiness and mental and physical tiredness.

For children's party

When planning a children's party choose the Citrus oils like Orange andMandarin to use in the diffuser or Aroma Lamp. They are happy yet calmingscents that all children love.

Relaxation and Insomnia

For relaxation and insomnia try Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood. Use 2 - 3 dropsof each in a warm bath or in the diffuser at bedtime.

Shower Tip

Here's a great cleaner for use in the shower. Fill a spray bottle with plainwhite vinegar, then drop in several sprigs of thyme. Give it a couple ofweeks in the cabinet to "cure," and then mist the shower daily. The vinegaris acidic, and the thyme's essential oils are antifungal -warding off moldspores.

Chamomile and HSV-1

(WebMD) The herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), which causes cold sores andcan cause genital herpes, may have met its match in chamomile oil.Scientists in Germany pitted chamomile oil, anise oil, dwarf-pine oil,manuka oil, and lemon oil against HSV-1 in test tubes. Manuka comes from thesame plant family as the tea tree.Of all the oils that were tested, chamomile oil was particularly good attargeting HSV-1, and it probably wouldn't cause irritation if applied to theskin, note Schnitzler and colleagues.Read the entire article Here

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Spring Cleaning

Cleaning out drawers and closets...rearranging them to match the new season,and storing winter clothes is a spring ritual at most homes.
First, emptythe drawers, vacuum out any debris, wipe them with a damp cloth, then spritzthem with the following Drawer Spray:
two ounces isopropy alcoholone half teaspoon sandalwood e.o.(essential oil)
one teaspoon tangerine e.o.
one half teaspoon Peru balsam e.o.
One eighth spruce e.o.
one eighth lavender e.o.(or more if you prefer)
two ounces distilled water.
Pour the isopropyl alcohol into a glass spray bottle and add the oils. Addthe water and shake to mix. Before using, first test the spray on a smallsection of a drawer before using as alcohol can dissolve a shellac finish.If the finish is unharmed, spray the empty drawer and allow it to dry beforereplacing the clothes.
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Àrvores as minhas Grandes Amigas

A foto é um Cipreste-Português

O Cipreste português ( Cupressus lusitanica), também designado por pinheirinho, cedro de Portugal, cipreste de Portugal, cedro do Buçaco, cipreste mexicano, cipreste de Bentham, Cipreste de Lindley ou cedro de Goa, é uma árvore muito utilizada como "cerca-viva" e para a produção de madeira. É nativa da América Central. O facto de ser designada como "cedro de Portugal" ou "cedro do Buçaco" (ou de "cipreste", em vez de cedro) deve-se ao facto de a planta ter sido introduzida em Portugal no século XVII na mata do antigo Convento do Buçaco. Foram estes exemplares, aí cultivados, que foram depois enviados para outros países da Europa e mesmo para para o Brasil, onde a árvore continua a ser designada como "portuguesa", tal como é explícito também no nome científico.
É uma árvore de crescimento rápido, chegando a atingir cerca de 20 a 30 metros de altura.
Aljos Farjon, existem duas variedades da árvore:
Cupressus lusitanica lusitanica = Cupressus pendula = Cupressus lindleyi = Cupressus lusitanica lindleyi = Cupressus benthami lindleyi
Cupressus lusitanica benthamii = Cupressus benthami = Cupressus thurifera

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Juniper: Árvore, óleo, bagas, Shrub, BushO arbusto do juniper é encontrado em Canadá e em Europa.
As bagas são boas -sabido como o flavoring para o gin, mas para fazer o óleo que essencial são secos primeiramente, destilado então. O óleo do Juniper foi usado por cem anos como um disinfectante da casa.
Misturar em um óleo do portador e friccionar o abdômen mais baixo em intervalos regulares. Também adicionar cinco ou seis gotas a seu banho e embeber no mínimo quinze minutos.
Dor do período
Uso como acima.
Dor Muscular/rheumatica
Uso para o massage ou no banho.
Stress e ansiedade
Uso para o massage, no banho ou em um vaporizer.
Misturar quatro gotas com o tsp 2 (10 ml) do óleo do portador e massage delicadamente a cara e a garganta (e os ombros se o acne estiver atual lá).
Circulação pobre
O Juniper é um óleo estimulando. Uso no banho, ou em um óleo do portador,melhorar diariamente a circulação.

Lemon Citrus Soak

Lemons have been used for hand and nail care for centuries. Lemon Juice and the essential oil of Lemon whitens nails while stimulating healthy growth.Try this Refreshing Citrus Soak.
8 oz. spring water
1 Tablespoon Aloe Vera Gel
10 drops Lemon essential oil
Mix and soak fingertips for 10 minutes

A Magia de Basil

Try diffusing Basil before going out in the evening. This is especially goodwhen you've been working all day and need to get up enough energy to go out.Basil's energizing effects will give you the boost you need.

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Rose oil calms and supports the heart center, inspiring a sense of happinessand well-being. When rejection or loss has injured one’s ability to love andnurture, either themselves or those around them, rose oil can bring sweetand gentle comfort and allow an emotional ‘re-opening’


This blend is for relaxation and stress relief. It will induce a deeprelaxation of the tissues, muscles and joints,and re-establish a good energy balance.Blend the following essential oils into one ounce of carrier oil of yourchoice; Massage as desired. May also be used as a bath oil.3 drops Lavender 3 drops Tangerine 3 drops Marjoram 1 drop Chamomile

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Bergamot, the flavor you taste in Earl Grey tea, may be beneficial to boththe urinary tract and the digestive tract. It is useful for skin conditionslinked to stress, such as cold sores and chicken pox, especially whencombined with eucalyptus oil.

Essential Oils for Dogs

More and more people are realizing the many benefits of using essential oils with their dogs. Essential Oils help strength and regulate the immune system, they assist with healing a variety of ailments and are helpful for emotional upsets. As with people, all animals are different, so what works for one pet may not be beneficial for another. Experiment with a variety of oils to see what will assist your pet. What is important is to use a high quality, pure essential oil. How to use essential oils with your dog: MassageAdd one drop of essential oil to 1/2 tsp. carrier oil, such as jojoba oil, sweet almond oil or olive oil. Massage into hairless or least hairy area of the skin, such as the armpit, groin or inner thigh. Massage gently for 3 - 4 mins. Do not apply undiluted essential oil directly to your pet's skin.Diffuser Add a few drops of essential oil to the water in a diffuser. Leave your dog in the room with the diffuser for about 30 mins, twice daily, while the oil is evaporated into the air your dog will breath it in.

by Shirlee Bucknall

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Juniper and Female Legs

Juniper oil is also an excellent treatment for promoting circulation,dissolving fat and decreasing cellulite.
Get ready to leg it
Get pins you can show off in time for the holiday season. Celebrity personal trainer Nicki Waterman reveals her secrets.
WE MAY not want to admit it but women will always notice a great pair of pins. Whether they belong to Jennifer Aniston or your best friend, lovely legs will never go unnoticed.
And women are five times more likely to worry about what other women think of their bodies than men, according to a survey by Lancaster.
So with nearly 45 per cent of females confessing that they're actually sneaking a peek at other women from behind their sunglasses to see how they shape up in a bikini, you don't want to put your legs on show before they're at their optimum best.
"We can get legs in tip-top condition in just four weeks, so you can show them off with confidence this summer," says GMTV's celebrity trainer Nicki Waterman.
* BRUSH IT OFF "Every expert I've ever spoken to recommends body brushing as an excellent cellulite buster," says Nicki.
"It'll slough away pore-clogging dead skin cells - they prevent toxin elimination through your skin - and get your blood pumping, supplying skin cells with a fresh, cleansing dose of oxygen."
* GET FRESH If you can face it, Nicki recommends finishing your morning shower with a burst of cold water.
"The cold water stimulates your system and kick-starts your circulation first thing in the morning."
* OPT FOR OILS Try essential oils to stimulate the skin -cypress, juniper, lemon, orange, bergamot and lavender are all known for their circulationboosting properties.
Juniper oil is also an excellent treatment for promoting circulation, dissolving fat and decreasing cellulite.
* SACK THE SALT "Too much salt is bad for your legs. It causes water retention, which leaves your legs feeling heavy and sluggish," she says.
"Reducing your salt intake will decrease fluid and toxin excesses in the body, which are associated with swollen ankles and cellulite."
* STRIKE A POSE "Legs that are not actually fat can sometimes look heavy because of poor circulation. Pay close attention to the way you sit. Avoid sitting - especially with your legs crossed - or standing for long periods of time, as this can lead to circulation problems."
* SHAVE Ensuring your legs are fuzz-free will make you feel more confident about your pins.
* GET PHYSICAL It may be hard to get motivated, but exercise has lots of short-term advantages. Even a short 10-minute jog around the block or 30-minutes of brisk walking on the high street can make a difference.
"Going for a run will bring colour to your cheeks, while the exertion will rev up your metabolism and calorie expenditure, and leave your leg muscles looking toned and defined - for a while."
* FAKE IT A gleam cream will hide blemishes - or go one step further and fake a tan to make legs appear slimmer and more shapely.
Juniperus communis (Family, Cupressaceae)
Tones and stimulates. an antiseptic and astringent oil for bath and massage where there is cellulite. Restores psychic purity. Fresh woody aroma. Has a cleansing effect on the body, used in many masculine perfumes, after shaves and colognes, and has a calming effect on the emotions. Reputed to strengthen the immune system. {And don't forget the Gin!} Warning Juniper should not be used when pregnant.
Source: flowers, Yugoslavia production method: steam distillation aromatherapy class: energizing aroma type: coniferous skin type: blemished traditional use: astringent, skin detoxifier, deodorant, soothing agent blends well with: elemi, cypress, clary sage, lavandin Safety Information: FLAMMABLE
Main constituents:- Pinene, myrcene, borneol, camphene, thugene, termenic alcohol.

Purify Indoor Air

Place the following mixture of essential oils in an aromatherapy lamp tohelp freshen theair. The following oils have a powerful cleansing action and exert anuplifting effect on the mind,body and spirit. Lavender oil combines particularly well with any of theCitrus oilsTry 4 drops Lavender, 2 drops Bergamot, 2 drops Lemon oilor 4 drops Lavender, 3 drops Tangerine, Blood Orange or Clementine, 2 dropsLemon.

Scented Dreams and Rituals

Happy incidents will occur if you dreamof inhaling any perfume.Here is a bath recipe to precede ritualfor cleansing, calming and centering.Mix together 10 drops each of Myrrh, Sandalwood,Frankincense,and Ylang Ylang. Add 6 drops of thismixture to a warm bath. Relax for 10 - 20 min.From The Aromatherapy Book by Jeanne Rose

A Walk in Jeanne Rose's Garden

Massage Oil for Stress Relief

2 TBL Sweet Almond oil
10 d. Lavender
2d Neroli or Rose
In a shallow dish or bottle, add the eo's. Add two tablespoons of warmvegetable oil or sweet almond oil. Mix well. Apply to the skin withslow rhythmic hand strokes, working towards the heart. Be sure to payspecial attention to the hands, feet, and neck.From: Aromatherapy - A Lifetime Guide to Healing with Essential Oils byValerie Gennari Cooksleypage 228

About Neroli



All essential oils are antiseptic, and many possess antiviral, antibacterialand anti-inflammatory properties. According to Dr. Alan Pressman, D.C.,Ph.D., C.C.N., a chiropractor and board-certified dietitian and author ofThe Complete Idiot's Guide to Alternative Medicine, lavender, made from theflowering tops of the lavender plant, is "the one essential oil that'sreally essential for the home first-aid kit." Lavender massage oils orcompresses are useful for sore joints and muscles; putting a few drops on ahanky and breathing in the smell can chase away tension headaches. Steaminhalations using lavender can relieve colds, sore throats and bronchitis.The Nurse's Handbook of Alternative and Complementary Therapies suggestslavender is also useful in relieving stomachache, colic, toothache andteething pain.

Headaches,especially tension headaches caused by stress

Use 6 drops in a cold compress applied to theforehead or back of the neck.Apply 1-2 drops neat (undiluted) to the temples.Place 1-2 drops on a tissue and inhale.